Call tracking is pretty self-explanatory—or is it? It’s also known as dynamic number insertion or “phone number swap” in today’s digital marketing world, although dynamic number insertion is the most up-to-date terminology. This is a type of call-tracking feature that gives a unique phone number to every online source, and then shows that number to visitors who come to your website from different sources.

For example, if someone finds your site from a Yelp ad when they give you a call they’ll have a unique number (and name!) show up compared to if they found you from a PPC ad. This technology is installed on a website and it’s a great way to track exactly how people find you. You’ll instantly know their “point of entry,” such as a PPC ad or an organic search. At Avid, we use Call Rail for dynamic number insertion because, well, we only use the absolute best technology.

Some of you might be wondering why this is so important. Do you really need call tracking? Yes, but you might not realize it! When you get a call from a customer or client, without dynamic number insertion you have no idea how they found you. This means you also have no idea if your Google ads or other marketing campaigns are working. You might be spending $5,000+ per month on ads that are garnering zero phone calls.

How Dynamic Call Tracking Works

It might sound a little super high-techy to think that a person will see the same unique phone number no matter where they go on your website. From your homepage to the landing page for your specials, with dynamic number insertion, it’s the exact same number every time—and nobody else has that number. It’s actually pretty straightforward, and here’s how it works. We purchase a pool of numbers and they rotate on your website, “swapping out” your real number for a dynamic number that’s completely trackable.

Numbers are assigned to the user’s IP addresses to guarantee flawless tracking. Dynamic number insertion is just good business sense. It helps translate calls and contact forms to conversions that are linked to clear origin sources. Start finding out exactly what you’re doing to produce phone calls or filled out contact forms, start re-directing your budget towards efforts that are actually producing calls, and stop wasting your budget on what’s not working.

NAP and Dynamic Number Swapping: Busting A Myth

A lot of businesses don’t have great NAP consistency (that’s name, address, and phone numbers, but we hear you—great naps are tough to get, too). Improving your NAP can optimize your SEO rankings, and doing it with dynamic number insertion in your website sweetens the deal by making sure you always know what’s working with your marketing strategy. How can we create consistent NAP using many phone numbers you ask? Simple – your office number is always hardcoded into your website and the call tracking technology uses javascript to look for your office number, and swap it using scripts. This is the ONLY way that your NAP is preserved. So yes, you can benefit from call tracking in your website, provided it’s set up in a very specific way. Your local listings will be unaffected, your NAP is rock solid, and you can track leads from the source. While there are many other setup criteria at play, know when working with Avid, all details are considered and we do it the right way the first time. No compromises, no apologies.