At Avid, all of our clients are awesome (that’s why we work with them, and we’re super picky!). But Client Super Awesome and us have been a team for nearly four years now, and we can’t help but brag a little. The results we’ve created for them are unprecedented, and we can’t wait to share some of the details with you.

“When can I see real results?” It’s one of the first questions most new clients ask, and the answer is completely dependent on their geography, budget, and competition. No two clients are the same, and the same goes for digital marketing agencies. However, if you want to see behind the scenes of a low-competition client with a high budget, take a look at Client Super Awesome.

Show Me the Numbers!

They grew their revenue by 35 percent every single year since 2015. When we started with Client Super Awesome, we created a new website with an SEO program, content program, social media strategy, and used Google Ads. The client toyed with occasional email marketing campaigns to spice things up from time to time. This hybrid effort is what set them up for major success, and utilizing up to six strategies is kind of like diversifying your portfolio. Just like with your finances, you don’t want to depend on a single channel to make or surpass your marketing goals. Tuck your eggs in a few different baskets, like Client Super Awesome, to increase your odds of getting the results you want year after year.

Client Super Awesome is always up for trying new programs, seeing what works, and love a bi-monthly conversation where we talk strategy, modifications, and ideas for new approaches. As you can see, this is a real partnership because we both want the same thing—even more awesomeness for this super awesome client.

Okay, Client Super Awesome didn’t really start from the bottom, but they did come to us with a few challenges. For starters, they had just started a brand new business. They didn’t have a lot of experience with marketing agencies, but were fortunate to be in a part of the country where they weren’t facing a lot of competition. Plus, they had a healthy budget and were immediately up for experimenting with a variety of programs to generate brand awareness and some serious hype.

They aren’t far from a big city, making a focus on organic local efforts a little tricky. We wanted to ensure they were attractive to potential customers in the metro area as well as their more local markets. Our mission? Make sure Google understood Client Super Awesome’s products and services while positioning them as an authority in their industry and location. Hello, first page rankings!

Check Out These Figures – Overall Sessions

Their overall visits (or “sessions” as Google Analytics calls them) started at 1,232 and skyrocketed to 12,480 by the 3.5 year mark. That’s an improvement of 912.99 percent—all thanks to a solid website, content marketing, and staying goal-focused.

Case Study: Client Super Awesome | Avid, LLC

Google Organic Sessions

Google organic sessions, which are driven by SEO programs and content marketing, went from 405 sessions to 2,776 in the same time period for a whopping 585.43 percent increase.

Case Study: Client Super Awesome | Avid, LLC

Mobile Sessions

And what about mobile sessions? Solely looking at smartphone figures, the figures soared from 438 sessions per month to 9,569. That doesn’t even take into account tablet, laptop, or desktop figures!

Case Study: Client Super Awesome | Avid, LLC

Most people are browsing when they’re on public transportation, waiting in line for coffee, or while out on a date or with friends (sorry, but that’s true—we see you out there). In fact, 76.7 percent of Client Super Awesome’s traffic is from mobile phones, so it’s vital to prioritize the mobile experience.

Now, we’re tracking over 90 keywords for them and 26.9 percent are in the top three rankings while almost 80 percent are in the top 10. They’ve added 3,528 new email subscribers in 3.5 years and their Facebook followers shot up from 504 to 2,466 in the same timeframe for a 389.29 percent increase.

Do you want to see numbers like these for your company? Let’s talk. We’re all about perfect pairings and creating Client Super Awesome. Contact Avid today to get started.