Numbers don’t lie (unless of course you fudge your bathroom scale a little bit—it’s okay, pumpkin spice season can make you do that). If you’re looking for an SEO and marketing company that can tell you hard, fast facts that will wow you without making you look up a ton of tech jargon, you have to check out this Avid case study.

This particular client, who we’ll call the Numbers Ninja (you’ll see why) is a medical clinic that was struggling to get new clients. They wanted to get more phone calls and eventually get to the point where they could cherry pick their ideal patients. Sounds nice, right?

Unfortunately, they weren’t seeing results when they were at a monstrously huge SEO company. They’re a medical clinic, not SEO pros, and they didn’t realize their marketing program was under-performing (huge understatement). When they switched to a boutique agency, things changed—fast.

Getting new patients starts with exposure. That means organic results that are never fake or paid for. The Numbers Ninja started with organic Google visits averaging 531 per month, which skyrocketed to 3,346 per month in four years. That’s a whopping 530% increase at a steady rate you want to see. Their mobile visits started at 360 per month and expanded to 5,328 in the same timeframe for an incredible increase of 1,380%. And what about their “all visits” which includes social, referrals, organic, and everything else? They started at 1,099 per month and grew to 8,203 for a 712.98% increase.

The Numbers Ninja has 1010 new items indexed by Google since we took on their marketing and SEO strategy, ensuring they’re an authority and expert in their industry regularly earning organic rankings. Where they really saw success was Google Ads. They used to have a free account, but since we’re a Google Ads Agency Partner, we hooked them up and now they average over 100,000 impressions and 3,000 Google search ad clicks each month—all while converting 10% with contact forms or phone calls!

Today, the Numbers Ninja is booked so far in advance that they have to turn patients away who don’t want to wait four months. They are always up for an experiment and have branched out to a full Instagram program, email marketing, and other programs that are designed to reach new patients.
Want to see similar results for yourself? Give Avid a call and you might just be the next case study we’ll feature.