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Email’s our secret—okay, not so secret sauce. But how do we get new email subscribers for you? Through our powerful contact form opt-in, which is then sent directly to your email marketing company. We craft the perfect email that has something for everyone while increasing trust and confidence in your business. At the same time, “signals” are sent to Google to let them know that people care about you and what you have to say.

Email marketing is one of the most well-known types of marketing—and one of the most profitable. It encourages loyalty while enriching your brand. It’s an easy way for people to refer their friends to you. Plus, email marketing helps your brand stick in the reader’s minds when they’re considering additional services.

How to Build a Subscriber List

You know you need a thriving subscriber list, but what if yours is at a stalemate? At Avid, we develop a rich email marketing program for you that starts with your current contact forms. Revamping (or creating) the contact form on your website with a checkbox to opt into your email newsletter is the first step. This automatically gives your audience a choice, and that means you have a leg up on the competition.

Email subscription boxes on dedicated pages, the footer of your website, and other key areas can help increase opt-ins, too. With marketing automation features, email addresses are sent directly to your email provider in a formatted list. We can also notify you via email, a Slack account, or Google Sheets to back up your subscriber updates, if you like to keep track of your data in real-time.

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Email Marketing

The emails we create for your work in tandem with our monthly content marketing program, social media, and other programs. We can build an email marketing campaign into your monthly program or design a one-off email as needed. When we work together, we can create a well-rounded campaign that incorporates email to best serve you and your customers.

During our routine calls, we can discuss topics and goals for the coming month, selecting up to three topics to include in the email. Every email is written and edited by our team to ensure high-quality, engaging content.

Every newsletter we create is carefully crafted so that there’s something to entice every reader. It’s never all promotional, and always designed to be easy, fun reading. However, it also works as a promotional vehicle for your specials in order to drive traffic back to your website. Engagement signals are sent to Google, letting the search engine know that your content matters. This type of marketing is extremely powerful because it makes Google happy while increasing loyalty and driving sales.

Mixing It Up

Here are a few examples of highly effective email marketing topics we’ve executed that might be part of your plan:

  • Company announcements
  • Specials and Events
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Educational articles
  • Featured content (your blogs)
  • New employees

Featured Clients

Take a look at a few featured clients, fabulous reviews, and some key results that could be yours.

Featured Clients

Take a look at a few featured clients, fabulous reviews, and some key results that could be yours.

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The marketing knowledge to blend different concepts for the ultimate strategy provides a balanced approach to digital marketing. While I have been impressed by the writers, web design, reports, and more, Angela questions everything to ensure you’ve considered every angle. The unique vantage point she provides kept our business from making bad decisions. And when we stubbornly ignored her input, she was there to help clean up our mess.”

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Client Results

Email marketing means more subscribers and higher sales, as well as more mobile views and better metrics in Google Analytics. Consider how email has enhanced these client success stories.


Increase in monthly call volume,
in 9 months


Increase in overall web visits, in 2.5 years


Increase in Facebook followers, in 3.5 years


New email subscriptions, in 3.5 years

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