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5 things you can do while CoolSculpting Email


Here’s one way to stay cool this summer: CoolSculpting! This non-invasive treatment literally freezes away small areas of unwanted fat for totally customized contouring and sculpting. You can target any area you like, from popular regions like the abs and thighs to small areas like under the chin. Scientists accidentally discovered the foundation for CoolSculpting in the 1970s when they wondered why kids who ate a lot of Popsicles had less fat…and here we are!

5 things you can do while CoolSculpting:

Shop for new swimsuits (you’re gonna want ’em)

Listen to foreign language lesson (for those trips to show off your summer bod)

Sleep (seriously, it’s that gentle … and sleep is conducive to a healthy weight!)

Work (I mean, it’s not OUR fave thing to do, but you certainly can you overachiever, you!)

Listen to music (we recommend “Supermodel” by RuPaul or “Freeze Frame”)