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Facelift Campaign


Why Upper/Lower Eyelid Lifts are the Perfect Add-On Since when is plastic surgery an “add-on” treatment? Since it became SO easy and required only a week of recovery! At RefinedMD, double board-certified Dr. Sudeep Roy specializes in facial plastic surgery including facelifts, necklifts, and upper/lower eyelid lifts (also known as upper and lower blepharoplasty). Many patients understandably think that a facelift will address the lines, wrinkles, and bags around their eyes—but a facelift actually only tackles the lower half of the face (contrary to its name). If you want to vanquish sagging skin around the eyes and turn back the clock, a lower and/or upper eyelid lift is the way to go. Plus, it is a surprisingly quick procedure with a fast recovery period.