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RefinedMD is a leading aesthetic dermatology and facial plastic surgery practice serving Los Gatos and San Jose, CA. Originally focused on medical dermatology, then aesthetic dermatology, and facial plastic surgery, the depth of talent at RefinedMD covers the gamut of expertise.


RefinedMD is home to 20+ lasers, a variety of injectables, and genuinely innovative body contouring treatment options for common conditions such as redness, wrinkles, brown spots, targeted fat reduction, and skin tightening. The board certified facial plastic surgeon is also creating shockwaves with his fantastic results and high skill in facelifts, eyelids, rhinoplasty, and combination treatments to achieve maximum results. Working with RefinedMD means that your face and skin will never feel so refined.


Having already had some level of success, the primary project was shifting the practice from medical to an aesthetic focus. A new website was built that consolidated pages for stronger page rank. A content marketing program was established to further educate patients (and Google) about the company’s many new product offerings. A truly comprehensive paid advertising campaign was initiated that consisted of Google Ads, Google display, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Geofencing, and more. And the connection with social media is building their following each week with amazing Facebook Live events. The addition of WooCommerce during COVID-19 was critical to encourage connection with patients, product sales, and social distancing and today is active in daily sales.


2018 - Present