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What are the top 3 areas for dermal fillers? Fillers can go just about everywhere on the face (and even the tops of the hands in some cases!), but there are definitely some preferred spots:

  • Lips. By far the top spot for fillers is the lips! Everyone wants to perfect their pout and we have the fillers you want to deliver gorgeous yet natural looking results.
  • Cheeks. Volume in the cheeks is one of the first things to go as we get older, but don’t let those fallen apples ruin your aesthetic. Dermal fillers in the cheeks instantly youth-ify the face while filling in lines and wrinkles.
  • Under the eyes. Another place we lose “good fat” is below the eyes, resulting in bags and dark circles. If you’ve been thinking about eyelid surgery, maybe what you really need to refresh your look is just dermal fillers!