Fresh, relevant content serves a variety of purposes for every business and is the single most important active marketing tactic one can pursue after a website goes live. That’s because the content provides the language to engage with audiences, add personality, educate, inspire, and solve a variety of problems. Without fresh content, a website becomes static. And static websites do not earn rankings.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a tool savvy marketers use to further distinguish you and your business from the noise. Yes, content describes what you do and how you do it and can be so powerful that it tells your story in an interesting way. However, we take content marketing to the next level and use it to demonstrate expertise, leadership in your community, make you visible to Google, and as a result earn organic rankings. Creating as many signals as possible in your content marketing efforts is what helps Google to understand what you do.

The Marriage of Content and SEO

SEO is an art steeped in strategy. These strategies can be found throughout the evaluation, tracking, implementation, and ongoing reporting. There are hundreds of elements that can impact your search results rankings. Avid works with you to guarantee a quality, consistent message. We already know that Google wants to be right (don’t we all?). And being right means matching searchers with the best high-quality content. It’s about the searcher first, and the website second for Google. Understanding this concept means that you “get” Google and puts you ahead of the competition.

Signals Tell Google Who You Are

We’ll create as many quality SEO signals as possible to tell Google that you are an authority on your topic. You create expert, high-quality content. This means meaningful engagement. Google will see that people like and want to see your content. This leads to getting ranked higher in search results and being found by more searchers in the future. When Google likes you, everyone wins—the searchers, Google, and you.

Marketing programs that create the right “signals” include:

  • A detailed page on a specific keyword
  • A long-tail blog that exactly matches a searcher’s query
  • A keyword rich article that links to and supports the “master-level” page content
  • A video
  • Social media posts
  • Images
  • Reviews

That’s why we build that language that Google understands and likes into your online presence in a number of ways. The reward? Higher Google rankings. Contact Avid today to learn how you can increase the number of “signals” and earn sustainable rankings in return.