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Digital Marketing Services at Avid

Strategy is the heart of boutique marketing. Our team is comprised of experts who are highly educated and experienced in a variety of industries, so you can be confident that you’re getting sound advice backed by data. We don’t “feel” our decisions—we research them and we know. Creating work with a strategy-first approach model helps keep us ahead of the industry standards and ensures we perform well beyond what your competitors are managing. See a few examples of our work.


SEO is part of our monthly engagement and includes weekly or monthly calls to go over performance metrics and the latest marketing programs to help boost your success even higher. Plus, you’ll get monthly reports that break down search engine rankings and competitive benchmarking in an easy-to-understand layout.

  • Account Management
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Quality, Professional Work
  • Frequent Phone Calls
  • A Strategy-First Approach
  • Thoughtful Recommendations
  • Custom Content Curation

Clients receive SEO organic ranking reports from SEMrush featuring Google Analytics web traffic data, organic keyword positions and changes, competitive intelligence and benchmarking, call volume and form fills, and Google My Business. You’ll know exactly how your website and marketing efforts are performing.


A fantastic website is everything that makes your business unique. It connects you with your target market and helps you be found in search results. If people don’t know you exist, how are they ever going to fall for your company?


Every single future marketing tactic will center on your website, from pay per click campaigns to display advertising, social media undertaking, WooCommerce online shopping, and so much more. Avid is different because we’re a moxie-infused small boutique that truly understands marketing strategies and picks just the right tactics to meet each of your goals. Every single website element we choose will educate your customers, instill confidence, and establish trust in your company.


We’ll create a sophisticated website with a feature-rich design that’s technically-adept. This allows us to track, analyze, and create a scenario that maximizes every other marketing effort. We love using WordPress as our content management system with an overlaid design that looks fabulous but is also easy to use—and when we say easy, we mean every one of our clients can use it, too. For your customers, the site will look beautifully simple and will be easy to navigate. But we’ll know that every single pixel was carefully designed to increase your revenue.


The next thing you know, they’ll be signing up for your newsletter, sleuthing on your social media, and maybe even (gasp) picking up the phone and calling you. But none of this happens unless you have a stellar team curating and managing every aspect of your online presence along the way. A great website looks simple at first blush, but in reality, it’s conveying sophisticated notions about your business. It takes a lot of work to get someone to think, “Yeah, I’m into this company” and Avid can make this kind of thinking happen.


If you don’t exist online, you might as well not exist at all. That’s the unofficial motto for every business. People have to know you exist if they’re going to choose you and your company. SEO, or search engine optimization, is exactly what it sounds like. Your website can be optimized so search engines like Google rank it higher. A number of factors go into your rankings, and not all of them are linear. Getting to be number one in the rankings is just part of the puzzle now.


It’s still about the right content getting to the right audience at the right time, which is why the “searcher’s intent’” (that of your potential client) is critical. The right results must be displayed at the right time for Google to maintain its dominance. That’s why Google updates their SEO algorithms thousands of times each year. Most of these changes are minor, but there are big updates that dramatically change how results are shown. Here’s the real kicker—nobody except Google knows exactly how these algorithms work, when updates happen, and who exactly will be impacted.


Avid’s SEO Program

We take great pride in our comprehensive SEO program that creates content in many different forms on multiple channels and associate keywords and phrases that represent your business. Content is still the #1 way to “influence” Google and it has to be high-quality, fresh, original, and help establish you as an expert in your field.


A good SEO program includes identifying the constantly-changing keywords and keyphrases of your business, and a whole lot more. But the foundation starts with the website build itself which has to include cutting-edge technology that allows us to track programs, optimize content, and provide meaningful recommendations for continued growth.


We do all the SEO research, stay on top of the changes, and then give recommendations to you based on what Google is doing. SEO is a moving target, and it’s critical that you have a comprehensive SEO program that earns organic rankings that are high enough to make you searchable even with stiff competition. SEO is a game. And we play that game well.


Content marketing is a tool that savvy marketers use to further distinguish you and your business from the competition. Great content fresh, relevant, and original. It can serve a variety of purposes for your business and is the most important active marketing tactic to continuously curate after a website goes live. Content marketing is using content to engage with audiences. It shows off your personality, can educate and inspire, and can be used to solve a number of problems your customers might be facing.


At Avid, we take content marketing above and beyond. We utilize it to showcase your expertise, leadership, and make you as visible to Google as possible. This is how your organic search ranking climbs. We prioritize unique content because that’s what you need to succeed.


The Value of Content Marketing
  • Establishes you as an authority on your desired keyphrases
  • Earns organic rankings
  • Demonstrates your expertise and generates buzz
  • Uniquely written, Copyscape and SEO friendly to prevent thin, low-quality content issues
  • Designed as a “support-level” blog that feeds back to the “master-level” page
  • Topics are chosen based on your business goals and ranking priorities for specific keyphrases
  • Integrates with your social media and email marketing programs to increase web engagement and show Google people are interested
  • Showcases specials and events


Most of our clients that have been with us for at least three years see traffic from 40% organic and 30% paid advertising efforts. The remainder is a mix of direct, social, and referral sources. It’s easy to see that organic and paid traffic can be extremely valuable when content marketing and paid advertising become pillars of your business.


Social media marketing is a key element to any content marketing program. It’s a way to reach your target market, as well as markets that might not find you any other way. Increasingly, people are preferring social media over any other communication tool. Depending on your business and location, you might want to prioritize Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, or a number of additional platforms.


You can use social media to inform your customers and instill their confidence in you while adding in some digital mojo to have a serious impact on your organic rankings. Social media can send more signals to Google to say that your posts (and business) are worthy of attention. You get a lot more than a good feeling when your post is liked or shared multiple times. This type of social media engagement encourages customer loyalty while also improving your referral traffic. But the biggest benefit of all? Social media lets you communicate directly with your potential customers.


What does the ideal mix of social media posts look like? This will vary client to client. It depends on your location, your business, time of year, and a number of additional factors. However, it’s important to avoid the “me, me, me” syndrome of social media that can drive users away. You don’t want to come off as a car salesman. Social media marketing is about creating relationships, not dominating a soap box.


It’s not enough to have an active social media program on your platform(s) of choice. You also need reporting on competitive benchmarking from powerful, enterprise-level platforms. We use Sprout Social, which is considered the gold standard for social media reporting. We create reports that show a number of metrics and have easy to read graphics that reveal post history engagement, comments, clicks, demographics of those who engaged, and your competition’s results for the month. Every month, you’ll get a breakdown of how your social media marketing performed.


In the digital marketing landscape, you need to have a strategy that consists of a perfectly balanced ecosystem. This includes a solid SEO strategy, content marketing, social media—and paid advertising. Each of these branches fulfills a different purpose, and when you put them together? They become a powerful team that engages with your target market.


Paid advertising holds a special place in this ecosystem. It increases your exposure and helps you compete in an increasingly tough market. At Avid, we’re proud to have earned Google Partner status. You can feel more confident knowing we have access to the latest Google program features and make every effort to continuously upgrade your campaigns. In addition to being Google Ads certified for many types of Google Ads, we also have agency-level relationships as we are Facebook Marketing Partners, official Yelp Agency Partner, Certified Yext Agency Partner, and more.


What does this mean? That you’ll be working with an agency that has people certified to bring you the newest features, programs, and additional offerings beyond what you can get as a business owner. Having this level of access is a pretty big deal for our clients and the performance of their marketing programs.


Email marketing is one of the most well-known types of marketing—and one of the most profitable. It encourages loyalty while enriching your brand. It’s an easy way for people to refer their friends to you. Plus, email marketing helps your brand stick in the reader’s minds when they’re considering additional services.


The emails we create for your work in tandem with our monthly content marketing program, social media, and other programs. We can build an email marketing campaign into your monthly program or design a one-off email as needed. When we work together, we can create a well-rounded campaign that incorporates email to best serve you and your customers.


During our routine calls, we can discuss topics and goals for the coming month, selecting up to three topics to include in the email. Every email is written and edited by our team to ensure high-quality, engaging content.


Every newsletter we create is carefully crafted so that there’s something to entice every reader. It’s never all promotional, and always designed to be easy, fun reading. However, it also works as a promotional vehicle for your specials in order to drive traffic back to your website. Engagement signals are sent to Google, letting the search engine know that your content matters. This type of marketing is extremely powerful because it makes Google happy while increasing loyalty and driving sales.