You get what you pay for, especially when it comes to paid advertising. That’s why Avid offers a wide range of options to fit every business size and goals. We’ll work with you to customize an ideal paid advertising strategy, so you get more traffic, more clients, and ultimately more ROI.

Here’s a little taste of the types of paid ads we offer and why they might be perfect for you:

Google Search Ads

Search ads are the most common kind of paid advertising for a reason. It’s no surprise that Google is the kingpin of Internet searches, and that’s why we’re a certified Google Partner. Like any good relationship, it takes a long time to earn this kind of status, and at Avid we got there through constant campaign development and great account management. Google search ads work by delivering the right ads to the right people Googling for businesses and sites like yours in real time. It’s a win for all because that’s exactly what your future customers, Google, and you want.

Google Display Ads

If you want to brand your advertising as an alternative (or complement) to search ads, display ads might be just your style. These are gorgeous visual ads that are custom made by Avid just for you. We use demographic data and your keywords to target your primary competitor sites. Searchers might not be looking specifically for your business when they run across your display ads, but if they’re Googling something similar these ads show up at just the right time and in just the right place. It’s an irresistible temptation.

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube is one of the leading social media sites, even though you might not think of it in the same realm as Facebook or Instagram. Don’t overlook it, especially since more and more people are preferring video over text content. With paid video ads growing in popularity, we’ll promote your video just for you that’s shareable and reflects what your business is all about. From skippable in-stream ads to pre-roll ads and discoverable ads, there’s a wide variety available.

Facebook Ads

You can’t miss out on one of the biggest social platforms, and you’ll have to take advantage of Avid being a Facebook Marketing Partner with Facebook Ads! On this platform, we can design custom intent audience targeting using data that tracks your website traffic. Armed with this information, we’ll target ads that encourage Facebook users to take a particular action like visiting your website or engaging with social campaigns. Try out geo-targeting and connect with new customers or clients in your neighborhood.

Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram go hand-in-hand, but Instagram ads are inherently more visual and less text-based. Custom audiences are only available on Instagram and Facebook, so the search capability here is completely unique. Avid even curates a list of your customers to compare it with Facebook in order to target only new ads to your tried and true fans. Options can include carousel ads, stories, video ads, single-image ads, and much more.

Google Maps Ads

When people are searching local, they’re almost always using Google Maps or Google. Google Maps pay per click (PPC) tool is limited but extremely powerful. You may not have heard of it, but you’ve probably seen it in action. When you search on Google Maps, Google Maps ads appear before organic results to nudge you towards clicking on a business that’s similar to what you’re Googling. However, since it’s not very well known, it’s available at a very affordable price that nearly requires you check it out.

Yelp Ads

Did you know you have an “in” at Yelp? Avid is a Yelp Certified Agency Partner, and there are just 300 of us in the US. That means we have access to additional tools that are similar to Yelp Ads, but a little different. We can track your conversion rates by ads, calls, and organic clicks while keeping this data separate from one another. You get all the benefits of regular Yelp ads plus this bonus feature. We always use call tracking and dynamic number insertion when it’s available while tracking contact form fills. Your customers see a local number from you thanks to the Call Rail company—and customers trust local companies.

Coming Soon to Avid

One of our latest additions to the suite is geofencing-based ads. It’s cur0rently in beta mode, and unlike search and display ads that have a minimum radius of 0.6 miles, geofencing ads work up to just a few feet from the target! This offers more opportunities for hyper-local targeting.

Stay tuned for more to come! Check out our work for more examples of paid advertising, case studies, and learn about the fantastic companies we partner with like, Zapier, Call Rail, Google, and more.