All businesses are at a unique stage in their journey, even you. Maybe you’ve DIY’d your marketing efforts in the past, or maybe you’re trying to get out of a “big agency” relationship that isn’t creating the results you desire. No matter where you are, trust that Avid could be a perfect fit. Our best-performing clients share common traits. Do you trust your current marketing team this much? We prioritize strategy and marketing with purpose and we relish hearing confirmation from our clients. Check out our reviews and learn more about our marketing services – you’ll be glad you did.

Take a peek at some fast facts from our clients. Does this sound like you?

  • You don’t want a “yes man” (or woman). You want thoughtful responses and appreciate being challenged.
  • You’re always open to new marketing ideas and love the articles we share and new concepts we introduce.
  • You’re excited about the unknown and trust us to guide your decisions. After all, performance determines success or failure.
  • You know that nobody knows Google’s algorithm. We can’t predict the future, but we can be proactive, listen to industry experts, and allow our SEO model to evolve as rankings ebb and flow over time.
  • You understand SEO is a long-term strategy, but organic ranking success can be bolstered with additional programs. Our results across organic channels and paid advertising speak for themselves.
  • Our data shows clients who participate in meetings do so much better. You make the time to meet 1-2 times per month to review performance and come up with a plan for the following month.

Avid is a boutique digital marketing agency offering a full suite of marketing services that help businesses meet their goals. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter tactics, rather, we build highly customized marketing programs. And like a well-made suit, our marketing strategy and tactics are tailored specifically for your needs. Let us know if you want a relationship that you’re excited about. We’d be happy to let the matchmaking begin:)