How do you know your search engine optimization (SEO) is working? When you get results you can actually measure—or, even better, when you get results that were measured for you and presented in the form of an easy-to-read report. Avid focuses on four major ways to measure success so you know you’re taking care of SEO best practices from every possible angle. Please also see examples of our work and featured results.

Mobile Phones

People are using their mobile phones to search for just about everything. You have to ensure your site is mobile-ready. Just because your website looks great on your laptop doesn’t mean it “translates” to mobile devices. This doesn’t happen automatically, even if you have a high-quality site built from scratch. If your digital marketing company isn’t making sure every page of your site is created for all types of devices (especially mobile!), there’s no telling what searchers might see when they’re checking out your site while in line at the coffee shop. If you lose mobile customers, you lose the majority of your customers.

Overall Traffic

Knowing how your comprehensive traffic is performing is critical. How many monthly visitors do you have in total? How does it compare to last month’s or last year’s? Overall traffic results give you an overview of how your site is performing to help you focus on the big picture.

Call Volume

If you want your online efforts to translate into clients actually calling your office, do you know what those figures look like? How’s this for some hard numbers—recently, one of our clients increased their call volume by 269 percent (per month) in just nine months. Avid is a Yelp Agency Partner, which means we have exclusive access to call tracking numbers on the back-end of Yelp. Call Rail is the company we use to track phone calls and record them, which can be a big help when training your staff. Plus, we can make it so that when you call customers, the area code can show up as local to them if that’s your cup of tea.

Google Organic-Specific Traffic

It can be tough to know when SEO is working, but the best way to create a solid foundation is by having a solid content program in place. Programs that link to and from each other are the basis for a plan that works, and at Avid we’re constantly working for our clients to upgrade, tweak, and modify their program for optimal results. Every site and business is unique, and your marketing plan should follow suit.

Work With Avid To Define SEO Success

SEO is definitely a slow and steady approach, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be regularly supplied with figures that give you peace of mind knowing you’re on the right track. At Avid, we’re committed to giving you impressive measurable results and are excited about sharing these numbers with you. If you’re working with an agency who doesn’t share “analytics” with you, or does so in a way that’s unnecessarily confusing, it’s time to ask yourself “why am I still with this company?” You and your business deserve knowing where your efforts are headed, and we can’t wait to show you where that might be! Contact Avid today to learn more.