When you choose Avid, we’re aware and fully appreciate that it’s your choice. You’re not married to us for as long as your website shall live. What we’re interested in is a strategic, collaborative partnership with you that goes way beyond a website. Clients choose us because they appreciate our skill level, our transparency, and our approach to a digital platform that’s no dog and pony show. That means that clients can leave us, but they don’t. They choose to stay. Maybe it’s our undeniable attention to detail, or perhaps it’s our ability to stay in pocket no matter what.

We take on “big agency” websites all the time and we always double or triple client results for organic, paid, and social marketing programs. Having come from big agency backgrounds, we’ve seen it all. Check out two common pitfalls when working with a “big” agency that our potential clients wish they realized much earlier.

Own and Host Your Website

At the core of our business model is the knowledge that our clients want to work with us. Big agencies host their clients’ websites on their own servers, which just creates both efficiencies for the agency, and inefficiencies for the client.  It’s called a “multiple server setup” or “multi-server setup” where your website is hosted in pieces and the components work together. It’s both fast and efficient for the agency. However, it keeps the website ownership out of the hands of who it really belongs to—you. It creates dependency and forced loyalty, and that’s not what we’re about.

If you’re currently with a big agency, ask them what happens when you part ways. They’ll tell you “yes, the website belongs to you!” What they aren’t telling you is that it takes a highly skilled team to take the “pieces” of your website and put them back together in a single server. That essentially translates into the fact that you can’t really take your big agency website and send it to Rackspace. Nor can you give that website to our team and want us to “fix it.” If you’re shopping around, always ask if an agency uses a multiple server setup. That’s a mess you don’t want to get into because it means you’re staying with that agency for the life of your website. You truly own your website when working with Avid – we even host it at your company of choice. If we part ways (which we won’t), you can simply remove our admin level access.

Admin Access To Your Own Website

What happens when you want admin level access? What if you want to work with other marketing teams? When your website is on what’s called a “multiple server setup,” that can’t happen. When talking about hosting a website, many things can change how the site performs, and it makes sense that your host will block you from making errors that could take down your website – we completely get it. You wouldn’t do that intentionally, of course.

Consider the scenario when you want to bring in outside consultants, marketing people to create landing pages for PPC programs, or you wish to install a plugin that adds functionality such as event RSVPs. When you are with a big agency that hosts your website, you can’t have admin access. That means you can’t install that plugin (the agency has to do it for you), you can’t add users for other marketing teams, and you can’t create landing pages easily. You have to rely on the big agency to do all of this for you. Technically, you own your website, but there’s a lot of red tape keeping you from making changes — this trouble doubles when you want to leave because your site is on multiple servers.

That’s not how Avid wants to start or foster our partnerships. Learn more about our website design service and give us a call if you’d like to learn more.