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We’re not like other agencies. You’ve heard that before, right? But it’s true, and we can prove it. You’ll notice the difference immediately. Working with a boutique agency means we have the time for all of your needs. We’re also very picky about the clients we collaborate with—and you should be choosy, too. When we find the right partnership, magic happens. Let’s work together to build your ultimate marketing ecosystem, and we’ll show you the difference a team of serial entrepreneurs and fabulous multi-taskers can make.

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Avid is a boutique marketing strategy agency with unprecedented experience in all things digital. We know that every project is different and that every client has different needs. It’s why you’ve sought out a marketing agency with an affinity for high-skill talent and the time necessary to devote to your account performance.

We are trained strategists who work tirelessly to understand your business. We’ll evaluate your current position, find avenues for improvement, and use the right tools and programs to achieve your goals and increase your revenue. Every tactic we use is above-board because we value ethics, thoughtfulness, and doing the right thing even when it’s tougher and more time-consuming.

At Avid, we understand the big picture and use it to create one of a kind programs that help you be more successful. That’s the boutique strategy—smaller teams, niche experts, and big results.

Why We Are Truly Special

Having a high employee to client ratio is part of what makes our approach successful. We hand-pick our partnerships, which means there’s no room for average employee skill levels. Our entire team is truly talented, and we aren’t too modest to say so. It’s also what has helped our incredible 90.9 percent client retention since 2015. On average, we increase our client’s Google organic rankings by 358 percent by year three, and those are figures you can count on. We’re mad about details, and our clients love our work.

At Avid, we’re completely different than any other agency you’ve met. How do we know? Because our clients tell us all the time. There are common and unfortunate deficiencies in big SEO and marketing agencies. If you’ve worked with a big agency, you know what they are and you’ll be thrilled at the different approach we take. We’ve worked with those bigger agencies before, and know the pitfalls. We also have many clients who are familiar with the big agency model and want something different.

Isn’t it great that we’re already on the same page? Take a look at our results and case studies to see for yourself what you’ve been missing out on.

A Beautiful Partnership In The Making

Maybe you’ve been thinking about hiring someone in-house to tackle your marketing. Many clients realize that the need for high-quality planning is what is fundamentally lacking from their internal game. That’s because you need a web developer, web designer, graphic designer, writer, project manager, social media marketing expert, and paid advertising specialist to run a comprehensive digital marketing approach. It’s too much for any single employee to take on, and too much for many small businesses to actually consider. That’s where we can help.

You don’t need an entire marketing department eating up big salaries. What you need is a boutique agency that quickly and efficiently creates and maintains your website and marketing efforts—at a fraction of the cost. You get all the benefits of an in-house team, like flawless expertise and full ownership, without the cons (like massive overhead and paying for new employee benefits).

At Avid we do it all, from a proper setup to enable strong reporting to handling rejected ads and filing appeals. You don’t have to worry about a thing except collaborating with us to strategize your goals. If you do have some marketing members already, that’s great! We love to work closely with our clients. Some of our most successful clients have some marketing members in-office, and that just makes our joint team stronger.

Choose from weekly or monthly calls to go over statistics and planning. We’re also always available to you for a quick check-in. Being able to cherry-pick our clients means we can focus exclusively on your needs. These phone calls are a time to chat about new ideas, plan for the coming month, and exchange information in a timely format.

Strategy is the heart of boutique marketing. Our team is comprised of experts who are highly educated and experienced in a variety of industries, so you can be confident that you’re getting sound advice backed by data. We don’t “feel” our decisions—we research them and we know. Tactics are built by identifying strategies first. We’re happy that clients hold us accountable, and every program is built to meaningfully track metrics. Combine technical setup with goal reporting, and you get results that are easy to read.

One of the biggest differences between big agency and boutique agency offerings is reporting. We value reporting because without it, you have no idea what’s working and what needs improvement. We offer comprehensive reporting that’s easy to read with every program we offer, from SEMrush for organic rankings to Social Sprout for social media. At Avid, we can also tap into a bevy of reports for Google Ads, Display Ads, Yelp Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and other paid advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics and tracking via Google Tag Manager lets us bring your data to life. At the same time, we can work with your additional agency partners to create the big picture. We set up a myriad of analytics and reporting tools as soon as we kick off your project, well before your website is live . This lets us get a baseline and continually evaluate what you’re doing well and what needs to change. A lot of clients come to us confident in their performance tracking strategies, but are shocked when they discover all the additional metrics they should be tracking.

Sometimes our scheduled calls are solely devoted to analytics reviews, because it’s key to stay up to date on cyclical cycles and year on year performance. Standard metrics also need analysis, so we go over cover sessions, bounce rates, time on site, mobile traffic, new vs. returning users, overall traffic channels, traffic generated by Google Organic, social referrals, paid advertising referrals, top pages, goal conversions, form fills, and more. If any of these analytics aren’t familiar to you, your current agency should step up their game.

We dedicate a lot of funding and research into software subscriptions because having the latest tech helps us show you what’s working and where we can improve. Some of our favorite applications include SEMrush, Sprout Social, Google Analytics, Ninja Forms, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Monday, Slack, Zapier, Lucky Orange Heatmaps, Yext, and others. We’re also proud to be a Google Agency Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, Yext Agency Partner, and a Yelp Agency Partner, which gives us exclusive access to agency-level tools and new releases.

Every member of our team loves what they do and wants you to succeed, because your success is our success! We’re a team that works together to make each other better. And in return? That makes you and your business better. We’re at the latest SEO conferences and tirelessly keep an eye on what’s new in marketing. The best pathway to success is paved with a solid marketing strategy. We want you to stand out, be memorable in all the right ways, and we can help you be the business your clients choose and trust. That’s why we’re at the forefront of all digital marketing trends that help drive recommendations proven to succeed.

A lot of our clients tell us that their previous agencies assigned them to low-level marketing employees with basic skills and experience. It’s one of the chief c0mplaints we hear about from potential clients. Every interaction you’ll have with our team members is a master-class in marketing. It’s all about understanding the bigger picture and taking critical steps to get where you want to be. Having industry experts in your corner ensures that you get the best recommendations and the ability to track and document your success. Every decision we make is driven by data and you’re given measurable results.

Can you update your own website when you want to? Do you know how? The reality is that you don’t really own your website with most big agencies. Many potential clients of ours believe they do own the website and, if they choose to leave their current agency, they can take that website with them to a new company. We recommend asking your new company what it looks like to end the partnership. While they might say yes, if they reference anything related to a “multiple server setup”, it’s time to start thinking about what that means for you longer term. It’s true, this arrangement makes a site faster, but if you decide to switch agencies then your website crumbles into pieces that can’t be salvaged or put back together.

If this is happening to you, don’t worry. At Avid, we’ve dealt with this before. It’s important to have your fresh website built from the ground up regardless of your past website status, but it can still be heartbreaking to know all the time and money you invested in “your” old website was for nothing. Don’t worry—we promise your new website will exceed expectations and show you a new world.

Ask a big agency to create a website for you and they’ll jump on it. However, if you ask them if you can host it wherever you want, such as your GoDaddy account, they’ll often say no. But that’s not the case at Avid. We’ll build your website and then transfer it to your own hosting account where you have full ownership of it. You have admin level access with no tricks.

You deserve to know exactly how your website works, to have full ownership, and the capability to manage it no matter your tech savviness. It’s critical that you host your own website to ensure you have full ownership, and that’s how we work at Avid.

That doesn’t mean our relationship ends there. Building your website is just the beginning of a comprehensive marketing partnership. But do know that we have a 60-day cancellation policy. It’s for your peace of mind, but based on the history of our retention rates, we see this collaboration as the start of a beautiful relationship. That’s what happens when transparency is at the core of a team.

You’ve never seen quality content like this before. It’s unique, it’s made just for you, and it’s full of your brand’s personality. Our team of writers follows our one of a kind content model to build your story in a technically-adept way that Google loves. Combine this with our flawless tech setup, and you know we’re starting out on the right foot.

We’ll prove our value to you over and over again. Every project we undertake for you is imbued with SEO-rich best practices that are directly tied to your success.

Marketing automation is becoming increasingly relevant, and we rely on the latest AI technology to help reduce errors and improve results. But that doesn’t mean we’ve let the machines totally take over. Marketing automation can and should be used as a means to aid expert marketers with tasks like paid advertising bidding strategies, managing chat bots, and controlling email subscriptions to be sent directly to your email marketing company. Other tasks can include moving form fill data to your CRM, creating backups of contact form fills in Google Sheets, blasting a hot lead from a Facebook lead gen paid advertising effort, text messaging of google ads inquiries, and of course sending contact form fills to select individuals. When used correctly, marketing automation is very powerful and we love putting it to work for us (and you!).

There are no tricks, no fine print, and no auto-renewal surprises. We already know you’ll choose to stay with us based on the work we do, but we want you to have the peace of mind an easy-out clause provides. If you ever want to leave, all we ask is a 60-day notice.

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We partner with companies that excel in marketing automation, lead generation, and creating results for our clients.

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Let us show you what we’re all about. Contact Avid today and let’s talk about where you are and where you want to be. We’re eager to create the ultimate digital presence for you and your business backed by SEO, a highly-skilled team, and the data to back up the results.

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Let us show you what we’re all about. Contact Avid today and let’s talk about where you are and where you want to be. We’re eager to create the ultimate digital presence for you and your business backed by SEO, a highly-skilled team, and the data to back up the results.

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This has truly been such a relief of fresh air as so many larger companies felt as if they already had all the answers. Well, I can tell you first hand that is NOT the case. If we pull our google analytics number from the last time we were with the large agency to where we are now with Avid we are up 500% in website traffic. That is no joke. I often go back to look at those reports to see how far we have come.”

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Chelsea, Director of Marketing, Dr. Shaun Parson Plastic Surgery