Consistency is key to any relationship, including the one your business has with clients and customers. It starts with creating a professional look in design and across all of your channels—both digital and tangible. A brand design that’s professional speaks to the quality of your work and helps guide people (like potential clients!) towards trusting your business.

The absolute best way to guarantee brand consistency is to hire a professional to do it for you. However, for those who are craving a little (okay, a lot) of DIY work or want a sneak peek at what to expect, here are the top 7 ways to start being more consistent right now:

  1. Looks matter. Obviously, right? But it’s really easy to go off-track, especially if you have more than one person making design decisions, and that’s why a brand board is foundational. This is a short dossier that clearly outlines the elements of your brand such as logo design, fonts, color palettes, themes, and so on. A brand board helps you stay “on brand” no matter who might be tasked with creating a design element.
  2. Watch your tone. What’s the best tone to complement your brand, or how do you want your brand to be perceived? Are you sassy? Classy? Totally straight-laced and corporate? There is no right or wrong answer, but it can be challenging to pick the right tone to attract the right customers.
  3. Business imitates art. When it comes to the image part of your brand, what’s the right vibe? For some businesses it might be lifestyle, while others benefit best from stock photos or photos of their clients. The ideal art image direction is to use models (after all, that’s their job!), but some businesses do well with real patients who represent a diverse array of folks of all ages, styles, and looks.
  4. Get in touch. Make sure your contact information is consistent across all channels, particularly the all-important NAP (name, address, and phone). The more marketing materials you have, the easier it is to let some outdated information slip in. Getting these nitty gritty details correct can lead to a new loyal customer or lose them for good.
  5. Does your social media and other web content, such as your website, look like the same company? It should! It’s not good enough to look “good enough” when it comes to comparing your Instagram and Facebook with your website. Old, outdated logos on one site with a midsized background image when a large one is best screams inconsistency. Your clients will wonder why you can’t keep up with your own brand and this will instill distrust in them.
  6. Don’t make your audience hunt for information. If you have a special event coming up, are offering a new treatment, or you’re starting a blog or adding a new item to your inventory, make sure that information is spread across all channels. If that sounds like a lot of work, well, it is. That’s why booming businesses depend on the pros to take care of these tasks consistently for them.
  7. Avoid crickets. Content needs to come out regularly. That means more than once a month and definitely more than once or twice a year. A schedule should be in place and it should be followed. Of course, the content itself also needs to be high quality, original, engaging, and shareable.

Consistency and cadence of content and your entire brand image is key to influencing Google in your favor and winning over your customers. Work with Avid to develop consistency in digital marketing, because this is one task you can’t do alone.